As a Core Tax Intern at PwC, what do you do?

As a Core Tax Intern at PwC, what do you do?
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Former Core Tax Intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers

about 2 years ago
From my experience, multiple core tax interns, even at the same office location, may have a slightly different experience depending on the team/squad they are placed into, consisting of a Partner, Manager, and Associates. This is primarily because different teams have different clients that have varying needs throughout the Summer, and just varying team dynamics. A typical intern can expect to become comfortable with finalizing client documents and work papers, drafting engagement letters, filing various tax forms, visiting client sites for meetings and reviews, and attending workshops and lessons about a wide array of subjects from advanced tax principles to soft-skills. In addition, you will have lots of opportunities to attend socials and outings with your teams, like happy hours and even unique events like wine-and-painting or rafting. Regardless of what engagement team you are placed into, all interns attend a week-long training at the start of the internship where they get introduced to the software and tools they will be exposed to in the summer, review accounting principles and concepts to refine their foundation, and meet other interns from all over the country to network and have fun!
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