What does a usual day in the life look like at Wayfair?

What does a usual day in the life look like at Wayfair?
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Former Category Associate at Wayfair

about 2 years ago
A day in the life as a Category Associate at Wayfair entailed three primary activities: reviewing my supplier portfolio, negotiating with suppliers and collaborating across departments. When reviewing my supplier portfolio, I'd be checking to ensure the economics of the business were stable, for example, I might look to make sure an item didn't accidentally get placed on sale and cause a huge surge in sales but dive in profit. When negotiating with suppliers, I would be developing data based arguments for cost reductions, sales, promotional funding, etc. And finally, when collaborating across departments, I might work with someone on the flash sale team to come up with a unique mix of products for a flash sale in the product category for which I was responsible or I might've be working with the site merchandising team to change how products were displayed to customers or I might have been meeting with the pricing analytics team to understand how certain products should be priced and if we had the appropriate product mix at key price points.
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