Please describe the life of a Tax Intern at an automobile company like Honda.

Please describe the life of a Tax Intern at an automobile company like Honda.
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Former Tax Intern at Honda

about 2 years ago
There is definitely a lot of flexibility in the schedule you want here at Honda. I was first scheduled to work 7:30 am- 4:00 pm but I wanted to get out earlier and my mentor worked earlier hours so I switched to 6:30 am- 3:00 pm. Daily activities really depend the time. Even just the couple of months of summer it varies drastically every month. When I first started, the first week was doing the basics such as getting my laptop working with my software that was needed, etc. The next weeks that followed, I was busy doing actual work. That is the main thing I enjoyed here was that you are not doing stereotypical intern work such as getting coffee or making copies. I worked with a different person every day/week on a new company/project. I would do tax estimates and a lot of Excel work for each company because each is located in a different state so the processes are different for each one. You get a week off for shut down which is nice and since I have been back, I have worked on fuel tax refunds (which is my favorite so far), filing sales and use tax returns, and some work in property tax. Overall, I think this was a great experience because I got to see a little bit of everything they do here and be hands-on. It was a little difficult to learn right after sophomore year because of only having basic knowledge before coming in, but still great exposure. The team here is amazing and will make you feel right at home!
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