Does anyone have experience as a Power BI, SharePoint Developer, or Data Scientist?

Does anyone have experience as a Power BI, SharePoint Developer, or Data Scientist?
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President at Western Facility Services Group

8 months ago
Yes - I have experience in all of these subjects from every perspective you've mentioned above. While my career has never been to become a "developer" or "programmer" per se - I've learned to to many functions one who would aims to have such a role in this space as a business owner and Microsoft Partner involved with these technologies... If you were to classify my experience though it would be in the enterprise architecture perspective, and am in the process of doing a series A funding round for a SaaS company that would use these technologies to bring the commercial real estate industry into "PropTech 3.0" while positioning them to have a clean transition into 4.0 where we start talking about using the blockchain, advance GIS technologies, IoT, and much more....
There are A LOT OF NUANCES that you must know before diving head first into learning how these tools fit in the overall ERP system of a firm and how one might approach a project that evolves these programs - ESPECIALLY SHAREPOINT!!!!!!
If you have any specific questions specifically I'd be happy to answer them, but this is a very broad topic. Feel free to message me or perhaps schedule a phone call if that's easier... I know in the past of trying to get information out of "IT consultants' it can be hard explaining what you're looking for if your talking from a broad perspective, and have wasted plenty of hours/months playing around with the software as the master admin as all of the people I've talked to didn't have a clue about what they were talking about.
But ya - hit me up! I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy to figure out some of these products, and if gone about wrong it will cause millions of dollars worth of mistakes, or be a very powerful competitive edge!
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