What were the high and low points of being a salesperson at Buckle?

What were the high and low points of being a salesperson at Buckle?
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Former Sales Associate at Buckle

about 2 years ago
I loved being able to help customers find clothing that made them look great and feel great. I also loved the commission based pay because you can make a fair amount of money with a little bit of extra work, however I felt that it was very unfair that returns of clothing bought months prior could still affect your pay. An example of this would be during holidays. This is retail's busiest time of the year, you sell the most at this point and obviously it's the point you make the most money. In my experience you didn't see too much in the way of returns until after the New Year/end of January which is typically a slower period, so the returns coming in really affect your pay rate if you aren't able to overcome that with your sales. Another perk of working at the Buckle is first picks of the newest fashion and a generous discount. Another issue I encountered with Buckle is the "family" environment within the management positions. Overall working in a store that felt more like a family is great, however if an issue arises it can cause unfair fallouts and it can affect your hours directly. This problem can extend beyond your home store into regional and district managers.
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