What do (or did) you like about being a lead tax intern?

What do (or did) you like about being a lead tax intern?
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Former Lead Tax Intern at RSM US LLP

about 2 years ago
I really liked that working as an intern felt much like being part of their regular staff. Training begins by attending a large conference with other interns and associates outside of WA state for about a week. Once you start working on returns, the difference between what new associates do and interns is not very much other than associates work more hours and work on perhaps more complex work. I met the Seattle and Tacoma staff and just about everyone was very nice and willing to help. The work was for the most part challenging and interesting. It was all a new experience and I really enjoyed it in that regard. What I disliked was that as busy season progresses, you receive less guidance though the work may be entirely new to you (for example if starting a 1041 if you've only done 1040s up to that point). Be sure to ask for help early! I also worked on some Saturdays (6 days per week) and I do not think that was properly acknowledged as that was my way of giving a little extra. I noticed that associates worked 60+ hours at the peak of busy season. Also, some managers may approach the 80+ hours as well. That's just the nature of public accounting.
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