What's a day in the life like for a University Recruiting Intern at Dropbox?

What's a day in the life like for a University Recruiting Intern at Dropbox?
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Former University Recruiting Intern at Dropbox

about 2 years ago
A day in the life of a UR intern at Dropbox is fun! You start off by walking into the building in San Francisco and starting your day with a coffee from the company's own coffee shop. As you walk into the People Team's floor you see everyone having meetings around their desks or conference rooms discussing projects, events or a new strategy. With my UR team, it was extremely important to know what was going on that week. Multiple University Recruiters were preparing to visit colleges, extend offer letters to current interns and discuss with hiring managers how their interns were performing. Dropbox has an open floor set up, so I spent a lot of time working with my team in various places around the office. One of my team's favorite location was the coffee shop as we were able to have the opportunity to connect with other colleagues in a more social setting compared to our desks. As any tech company in the Bay Area, Dropbox is very people oriented. Some of my projects, while I was an intern was to see what made Dropbox special compared to other companies. It was a great opportunity to see how important it was to take care of employees and make sure people felt heard and appreciated. Not only did concentrate on the company as a whole, but I also had the opportunity to work closely with the University Recruiters. Working with University Recruiters allowed me to understand how to create content to catch people's attention. Since Dropbox has a very startup mentality, I took into upon myself to create a video of my intern class explaining what made Dropbox the best place to intern. Since I did not have any camera equipment, I had to use my phone which made my video honest, which to me represents Dropbox. Dropbox was a great place to start my HR career and through my challenges and meeting the people I met, I would not be the professional or person I am today.
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