Is there any work-life balance as an engineer for Shell?

Is there any work-life balance as an engineer for Shell?
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Former Process Engineering Intern at Shell

almost 2 years ago
Engineers work a 9/80 schedule (google it for more information). Work-life balance is for full-time hires. You should not ask recruiters about it, or expect it as an intern. As previously mentioned this is an INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE program with one of the largest corporations in the world that has limited slots for only the highest performing students. My fellow interns came from top universities across the country including: MIT, Purdue, Stanford, and Georgia Tech. Come prepared to work! Do not apply if you are not highly ambitious and self-driven.

Former Completions and Well Interventions Team Engineering Technician at Shell Oil

about 2 years ago
Honestly, that one depends a lot on you, your boss, and the boundaries you establish in your professional interactions. The Wells Team at Shell is responsible for all of the operational activity in the Upstream Business, which is to say that they drill, complete, and flow all the wells that make money for the company. This entails a huge workload for the engineers and support staff in that business. As an engineering tech, you directly support the people designing the drilling and completion operations by interacting with other teams, outside companies, field staff, and occasionally government organizations. If you let it, the work will 100% follow you home. I was given a work phone the moment I hired on, and have carried two phones since. It's sort of like being a doctor, except that you're always on call. When you join the Wells group, expect to take calls at night (at any time), and on the weekends. You can absolutely mitigate this in your interactions with people by prioritizing work, telling people when you'll get to their projects and requests, and not answering the phone when you're supposed to be off, if the call doesn't pertain to something operational. Shell does a good job supporting people in work-life balance, but ultimately, the responsibility will fall on your shoulders to balance the work, and set expectations around when you are and are not available to work. Just know, Shell (and many other companies in the oil & gas industry) pays much more to its employees than most other companies do, and therefore there are responsibilities necessarily attached to that which will require you to work more than other new graduates.
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