What does a Trading Intern do at Shell, typically?

What does a Trading Intern do at Shell, typically?
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Former Power & Natural Gas Trading Intern at Shell Oil

over 2 years ago
Most generally, the role entails directly supporting a trader or a team of traders on the power and natural gas desk. Shell's trading floor is divided up by the energy product being traded, so there are crude oil traders, gas traders, and so on. I specifically worked on natural gas trades, primarily because my supervisor and I believed this is where I could provide the most value and insight. I spent most of my summer writing, testing, and implementing predictive models for trading financial options in the natural gas market. My direct supervisor was the main options trader on his team, and we both believed that modeling could add to his portfolio and that of his team and Shell more generally. Thus, I was given a large degree of autonomy to plan these models and back-test them, before presenting my work to the team and allowing them to utilize the model in live trades.
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