What does a test engineer do at Dell?

What does a test engineer do at Dell?
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Former Associate Test Engineer at Dell

about 3 years ago
Roles and Responsibilities that I did as a Associate Test Engineer: • Involved in execution of automated testcases and rectifying the script errors (800+ automated scripts) • Development of new automation scripts using python and selenium • Created test plan and test strategy for various releases of product • Writing new manual test cases for covering new features of Dell Server • Manual testing of Dell Servers (800+ manual testcases) • Responsible for logging defects and collaborating with the developers for code fixes • Worked on Storage and Network areas by focusing on validation of different network cards and RAID implementations • Extensively worked on RACADM, WSMAN, IPMI and REDFISH Interfaces that are used for communicating with iDRAC • Involved in IPv4 and IPv6 validation on Network cards • GUI testing • Stress testing and Power Monitoring • Focused on validating Modular Servers and Chassis Management Controllers • Worked on validating the compatibility of Dell Servers on new network cards and SHA-2 technology • Involved in debugging iDRAC in-case of fatal errors in the chip • Also responsible for organizing test cases and keeping track of test execution results • Tested and logged defects on User guides and other Server Management documents
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