What's an average day for a Firefighter at Raytheon?

What's an average day for a Firefighter at Raytheon?
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Lieutenant Firefighter at Raytheon Polar Services

over 1 year ago
As expected, there is not a large call volume for operations in Antarctica. We started most 24 hour shifts with a meeting between Lieutenants, our Captains and Chief which was followed by a crew meeting with the outgoing shift. Rig checks were then conducted to ensure ready status of all apparatus and equipment. This was typically followed by building fire inspections and training. The Lieutenants were very active in all aspects of these duties and would operate as the Incident Commander on incidents that occurred. These were typically fire alarm and spill calls. As a very environmentally sensitive area, all spills of anything other than water, regardless of quantity were required to be reported and cleaned up appropriately. We were also responsible for aircraft rescue and firefighting activities on up to three airfields in the McMurdo area. The workforce and base personnel were constantly changing during the summer and we were continually challenged to properly engage our own personnel, as well as adapt to the adjusting community on a daily basis.
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