What does a digital media intern at Work for Progress do?

What does a digital media intern at Work for Progress do?
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Former Digital Media Intern at Work for Progress

about 2 years ago
Each week, I was responsible for scheduling and developing social media content. This means I would generate an outline for 12-15 posts to be shared on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus throughout the week. Work For Progress has specific brand standards for the online content they share; four distinct categories exist including posts related to news, insight, asks, and pride. Following these standards, I would research relevant content, gather graphics, and draft captions for each post. I would then meet with my boss, who would review the content with me and suggest edits. Once the posts were approved, I would load the images and text into SocialPilot, a software created to help companies streamline their digital content. I would then review the posts' performance in terms of digital reach (how many people saw the posts) and audience engagement (how many people clicked on links, commented, shared). I would record these statistics and attempt to deduce what caused a post to perform well or poorly. Subsequently, I would implement changes to increase overall performance. Some days, I had the opportunity to join partner companies for visibility efforts such as protests or speaking events on the hill.
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