What are some of the daily responsibilities that a petroleum economist may have at Schlumberger?

What are some of the daily responsibilities that a petroleum economist may have at Schlumberger?
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Former Petroleum Economist / Energy Analyst at Schlumberger

almost 3 years ago
Being a multinational company, Schlumberger offers you the opportunity of exposure to clients from all over the globe regardless of where you are positioned. Typically, the job role involves four main part - 1. Consulting, 2. Training, 3.Mentoring. 4. Business Development
Consulting: You are given data from a third party energy company. You are required to run economic evaluation or help run reserves report within a given deadline.
Training: You will be required to train staffs of third party companies on the use of Schlumberger tools to enable them conduct their evaluations.
Mentoring: You are at the client facility for an agreed period of time developing workflows, running project evaluations and mentoring staffs on the best use of Schlumberger software solution for economic evaluations. You might also be required to make installations of these solutions and set up SQL, Oracle databases at various client facilities.
Business Development: Companies are currently looking for solutions and do not have an idea of what your tool is or how it works. Therefore there is a need to successfully engage companies by giving presentations, conducting demo workshops showing how the tool can help solve the challenges they are facing. There is also metrics within your performance appraisal that highlights how many new clients you were able to capture through this activity.
In all it is a challenging, fast paced organization that has one of the best training program for its employees. There is hardly an autonomy of work done as different client have distinct challenges they are looking up to you, to help resolve. You must also be ready to study a lot of new concepts and research on possible solutions to client challenges.
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