Career paths for a Book Publishing major?

Career paths for a Book Publishing major?
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Career paths for Book Publishing majors are pretty diverse. Some examples: editorial work, sales, marketing, social media management, writing (both in-house and freelancing), agenting (like a literary agent), design, and digital. Some people end up working directly in publishing, and some decide to go on a different path. The Book Publishing program basically sets you up with really necessary skills for a lot of different jobs. For example, everyone loves someone who can use Excel, InDesign, etc. The program is what you make it – you can take classes outside of the program (like in marketing or business) to go toward your degree. Decide what you want to focus on, but try everything. Editorial is the most competitive field in publishing, but other fields like sales and design are very important to publishing and are often sought after less. Digital is perhaps the most lucrative field; ebook productions and website management are needed skills. There is an alumni list that gets updated annually, and it lists the jobs that previous students have. Currently, a lot of people are teachers/professors, marketing coordinators, authors, designers, etc. Some people even start their own publishing house or firms.
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