What's it like being a Forestry Technician at USDA Forest Service?

What's it like being a Forestry Technician at USDA Forest Service?
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Former Forestry Technician at USDA Forest Service

5 months ago
I worked on a trails crew in Cibola national forest; expect substantial hiking and manual work including digging trail, tree and brush clearing, working with a crew of 4-5. You will probably need to hike carrying a day pack and tools. My posting did not have any overnight projects, and crew was able to work a 4/5/9 schedule (off every other Friday) but some locations in larger districts do have longer deployment where you could be camping for a few days at a time.
Great if you like plenty of outdoor work and are ok with getting dirty, and plenty of opportunities for on the job training including cpr/wilderness first aid, defensive driving for government vehicles, tree felling... My crewmates, supervisors and other staff at the ranger station were a pleasure to work with. I plan to return to either this or another location for next season.

Former Forestry Technician (Timber Sale Prep) at USDA Forest Service

over 1 year ago
My crew was very small and in turn we got to do a lot of different things on the forest. Some places might just hire you to mark timber or cruise trees, but my job allowed me to do everything! Here is a list of things you may end up doing
  • Cruising timber- 3P, fixed plot, variable plot
  • Marking timber (you would be surprised how many blisters you get from this, have good gloves and wear clothing you don't mind ruining, and don't wear good glasses!)
  • Outlining sale boundaries
  • Mitigating watersheds and arch sites (like building a silt fence or avoiding a section)
  • Sawing- most of my trees were small diameters, but a few were big!
  • Helping other crews- fuels and timber worked closely on my forest so we helped them occasionally
  • You may be able to also go on a fire or two if that interests you
  • Training- if this is your first FS job there will be A LOT of in-classroom training
  • Seeing lots of pretty country and spending your day in the woods! (the best part)
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