What skills are needed to be a GIS Intern at Dell?

What skills are needed to be a GIS Intern at Dell?
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Former GIS Intern at Dell

about 2 years ago
This is a toss up, as my job was about 75% GIS analysis, and 25% writing a research proposal. While my colleague only used GIS briefly. An ability to understand, summarize and write research papers, was more important than GIS. In depth knowledge of excel is helpful, I frequently used functions like concatenate, pivot table, and summation to analyze my GIS results. The arc map plugin "Pro-Tools" works very well for these types of analyses. Candidates should be results driven, be able to work through failures without getting frustrated and be a self starter. I had little guidance during my internship, and I loved it, because it was all on me to succeed. When i failed at a task, i had to search for answers outside of Dell. Their internal GIS experience is minimal, so be ready to search blogs, help docs online, research papers, and the ESRI help docs when things don't work the way they should.
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