How should I prepare to interview for a Registered Nurse position at Norton Healthcare?

How should I prepare to interview for a Registered Nurse position at Norton Healthcare?
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Former Nursing Supervisor at Palomar Medical Center Poway

4 months ago
Research their Quality scores. Know a bit about them like their Mission Statement and how you can support their goals. Also ask questions about why some of the people interviewing you wanted to work there. Why did you get into healthcare and what is your passion about working where you do. Good luck!

Registered Nurse at Norton Healthcare

over 1 year ago
You should take the time to formulate answers to basic interview questions such as: What makes you the applicant we should choose for this position? What can you offer Norton Healthcare in this position that another applicant cannot? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in five years? If we were to talk to your most recent employer, what three adjectives would they use to describe you? Make sure that you are also able to discuss in detail about anything listed on your resume. Have questions prepared to ask to your prospective employer. Such as, what benefits does the institution have to offer me if I become an employee? What is the general atmosphere among colleagues on the particular nursing unit to which you are applying?
Wear business professional clothing to your interview. Make sure that you bring a pen and something to write on, preferably a pad folio with legal paper. Remember to shake your interviewers hands when leaving the room, address them by their official title, and thank them for their time to consider you as an applicant.
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