What does a Sales Representative do at AT&T?

What does a Sales Representative do at AT&T?
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Assistant Store Manager at AT&T

about 2 years ago
Trick question. So a nice way of looking at it is that AT&T is almost a one stop shop for many of your entertainment services. With its acquisitions of DirecTV and Time Warner, we must try to get customer as invested as possible into AT&T's products and services. Theres satellite tv, streaming services, actual internet, business accounts and then wireless services like phones and tablets. Our job is to be as knowledgeable as possible and educate our customers on all that AT&T has to offer. After that, youd, ideally, close a sale. Other responsibilities include not doing fraudulent activity or keeping a keen eye out for such things, keeping the store clean, taking trainings to be up to date, making sure no personal customer information is viewable and in the area, and making/maintaining daily goals and expectations.
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