What's a day as a Licensed Nursing Assistant at Dartmouth-Hitchcock like?

What's a day as a Licensed Nursing Assistant at Dartmouth-Hitchcock like?
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Licensed Nursing Assistant at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

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I get to work at 7 AM or PM. I get report from the night shift LNA. What happens next depends on the unit. On the floors, I go around getting 8 AM vital signs. During this, I introduce myself to my patients and make sure they are comfortable and know that breakfast is coming soon. I also take blood sugars before the trays come for breakfast. While people eat, i go around helping as needed. In the morning, I help people get their teeth brushed and washed up for the day. Usually I have between 10-15 people, so I will be pretty busy! I get vital signs and blood sugars again at 12 and 4. During other times of day, I am busy helping people to the bathroom, answering call lights, and assisting with miscellaneous tasks (fetching supplies, etc.). On days when I am working in the ICU, I spend all day helping turn people and doing oral care. On days when I'm in psych, I mostly walk around checking on people. In the ED, I take vital signs and help transport people from place to place. Sometimes, I am assigned as a safety companion ("patient sitter") and I am one-to-one with a patient who has safety needs. This is frequently because a patient is in the hospital for a suicide attempt, but can also be for confused patients who are likely to fall or try to remove IV's and other tubes. On those days, I keep my eyes on the patient all day and keep them safe.
On night shift, I do most of the same things except feeding. I check on people and get them ready for bed, and I make sure they are safe at night (ie not getting up and tripping).
This is what most days are like, but I also do things like help with procedures, make phone calls, help order meals, help move patients from unit to unit, etc. Every day is different, and the one thing I can count on is that I will be busy!
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