Any advice on the process of an interview for an Engineering Intern role at Texas Instruments?

Any advice on the process of an interview for an Engineering Intern role at Texas Instruments?
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Former Engineering Intern at Texas Instruments

about 2 years ago
Whether or not a Company uses the STAR method or Behavioral-Based interview questions, I have found that reviewing these techniques and commonly-asked questions (google will come up with plenty of study material for you) is a great way to prepare yourself for how to answer interview questions, but the other major important factor you should know before interviewing is that employers are looking for experiences that show you are skilled, so make sure to get involved in extracurricular activities to have more things to talk about. Finally, make sure you know what's on your resume. Employers will look at it and ask you to go into more details about things on it, so be sure to think about how you can go into further details or tell a story about each of the experiences listed on your resume.

Former Graduate Research Assistant at FIU Cyber-Physical Systems Security Lab

over 1 year ago
I was going for a full-time position at TI for Software Engineering. From my experience, compared to other companies TI focuses heavily on social and communication. My first interview was at a school career fair, where i meet with a manager for 30 minutes, they mostly want to know what you've done and like (so the more projects the better). Next was the phone interview, where several TI employees asked about my experience and databases. Finally came the on-site interview in Texas. It was a great experience where i and two other applicants had to perform a group exercise as a way to see how you work in a team and solve problems. We also had interviews with several managers. TI understands its easier to learn tech skills then personal, so just be you and confident in your skills and that should be all you need.
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