What might an EXPLO instructor do every day?

What might an EXPLO instructor do every day?
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Former EXPLO Wheaton Instructor; EXPLO Bioengineering for Girls at Wheaton Residential Advisor at EXPLO

over 1 year ago
The day starts around 7:00 AM for breakfast. You'll be doing tasks from 7:30 A to 9:30 A, then you'll be supervising children play until workshops start. If you teach a workshop, you'll go teach. If you don't, then you'll do more tasks for an hour until the kids come out to play again. Then, there's an activity lead by the instructors. You're given instructions on how to run it. After the activity is lunch. After lunch, there are courses (3 hours), a community meeting full of skits and what not, dinner, then an evening show of sorts.
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