Seeking some inside information on daily duties of a certified nurse aide at Presbyterian Homes & Services!

Seeking some inside information on daily duties of a certified nurse aide at Presbyterian Homes & Services!
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Certified Nurse Aide at Presbyterian Homes & Services

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Based on my experience, a day in the life of a nurse aide at PHS really depends on the day as it have its ups and down. There are days where it can be hectic especially when I am running behind since some residents need more assistant than others, whereas other days are more chill and go smoothly as planned. I worked on the 3rd floor at PHS and it is the memory care unit. For morning shift, 6:00 am-2:00 pm, I will clock in and grab a walkie talkie to communicate with other nurse aide for emergency or assistant. I will go to my station and get a report and an update on all the residents from the previous nurse aides who works night shift. There are two nurse on 3rd floor and each sections. The CNA that I work with and myself will look at the agenda and determine what times each residents wake up to prepare them for breakfast. This work will be divided in half where I assist 6 resident and my CNA partner will do the other 6 to get them ready for breakfast. We will also do meal tickets ahead of time for breakfast and lunch so that it is ready by the time the resident are prepared for their meals. Some residents will need help feeding and others don't. After breakfast, we will toilet each residents one at a time because they need to be toileted and changed every 2 hours. Each residents are also scheduled for a shower day depending on the day(s) they choose. By lunch time, we will do meal tickets and let each residents know what the options are for lunch and get their orders in. Lunch is usually around 12:00 pm. After lunch, some residents will go back to their room and nap while others stay and participate in what ever events is going on. We will also do toileting in the mean time before our shift ends. One thing to remember is that you are not working alone. You will have another CNA that will be working by your side. There are nurses in the station and nurse aides in the other sections that can also support you. The staffs are very nice and welcoming. It's a team work and mostly importantly making sure to provide the best care for the residents.
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