What's the company culture like at Grant Thornton?

What's the company culture like at Grant Thornton?
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Former Business Systems Analyst at Grant Thornton

almost 2 years ago
The great thing about the organization is that they support you in taking ownership over your career and help provide you with as much guidance including professional development as you move through your career. At GT, there is a direct line of sight to senior leadership, and the culture encourages people to interact with their managers. Once you begin, you are assigned a coach who is not connected to your project or client. Your coach is responsible for helping you navigate your career at GT, answering any important questions you have about the business, and ensuring you are learning and advancing at your pace. There are periodic gatherings where you can mix and mingle and have the opportunity to meet other people in the company and expand your network. However, as an analyst, you are also expected to meet a high utilization rate, meaning you are encouraged to bill as many hours as possible, while keeping in mind of course the average time it would take to complete a task and the quality of work delivered. While this may cause some pressure to perform, managers understand the importance of work-life balance, and so there are plenty of opportunities to take some time off and relieve the pressure. In fact, right before I left the company implemented a flexibility time off policy that allows people to take as much time off as possible. While this may seem surprising, it is truly a testament to the company's trust and investment in its people.
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