What's a day in the life of a 1st Grade Student Teacher at Washington County Public Schools like?

What's a day in the life of a 1st Grade Student Teacher at Washington County Public Schools like?
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1st Grade Student Teacher at Washington County Public Schools

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Every day is unlike any other when you teach 1st grade! Every day, you come in before students arrive, prepare for the lessons and communicate with parents. Then, once students arrive, you are instructing reading lessons that take students through the process of gradual release where you start with read aloud and move through the areas of shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading. I also provide tier-3 intervention to select students and teach writing to my whole group following the 4 components of Reader's Workshop. After the literacy block ends, I teach mathematics during a 90-minute block. I engage students in whole group and small group instruction. Usually students are involved in a game or activity that allows me to observe or interview students about their handle with math concepts. I also pull intervention groups for math during this block. We have a 30-minute recess period following the morning core subjects. Students and teachers then have a 30-minute lunch. After lunch, we have a read-aloud time that also allows for additional phonics instruction and intervention to be taught, if need be. Students then go to a 50-minute Encore (Music, Art, Media, and P.E.) time when I have planning. I usually team-plan with my other 1st grade teachers 1-2 days a week. I also engage in professional development during this time, 1 day a week. These PD opportunities are taught by my Lead Teacher and principal. After encore/planning, students return to my classroom. I teach Science or Social Studies for 30 minutes. Then, students leave for the day. After-school, I often have meetings for committees, School Improvement Team, Team Planning, Parent Conferences, or report-card training. I also participate as a leader for two after school clubs offered to students-running club and Jesus and Me (JAM). Sometimes I also use this time to make parent phone calls. After preparing for the next day, I leave school. We have to stay 30-minutes after the time students leave school. However, I usually stay later than this time to accomplish everything that I need to accomplish. Also, some evenings, we have to come back to school to help with events like Literacy Night, Math Night, Family Fitness Night, Costume Run, Trunk-or-Treat, etc. Throughout the day, I spend a great deal of time also establishing routines and monitoring behavior so that my instructional time is maximized with little interruptions.
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