Interested in hearing your career motivation for being a technical writer!

Interested in hearing your career motivation for being a technical writer!
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Former Technical Writer at Amazon

over 1 year ago
I've always been a word nerd. My thesaurus is one of the signature items people can find in my desk in the workplace. Additionally, I'm obsessed with technology, and making it seem less terrifying to those who struggle to use it comfortably. Furthermore, I easily build rapport with others who would — otherwise — be termed my "audience". I approach everyone with the same level of importance, and I am an advocate for those who are underrepresented. People who require documentation to do their job are often underrepresented in the workforce. Finally, I love learning and teaching. For me, technical writing is an amalgamation of all of those things. Over the course of my career, I developed a niche in information design and standardizing content. While I was still in school, I learned a bit about Java and Python, but gained substantial experience using HTML/CSS. If she hasn't already, I would suggest that Ashley look into learning one or more of those languages. It isn't a requirement for all Tech Writer jobs, but it will expand her opportunities for growth and success in the field.

Technical Writing Intern at Southwest Airlines

12 months ago
While in college, I found that English is my greatest strength. But I was not interested in education nor in journalism or some of the more stereotypical career fields in writing. Technical writing prioritizes structured but still user-friendly content. The field currently is full of contract opportunities; however many companies are beginning to realize that having a tech writer on board is essential. The better the tech writer, the better are the company documents and media are at communicating what matters to its audience.
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