What does a work day look like for a geologist at WPX Energy?

What does a work day look like for a geologist at WPX Energy?
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Former Geologist at WPX Energy

over 1 year ago
It use to be too many meetings and unfortunately due constant lay-offs and assets-sells a lot of interference from normal operations. It is a "result driven" company and things that elsewhere could be normal operational hiccups could result in "The One Thing" Make sure you document everything and that your manager is on your side, aligned with your reasoning and backing you up for following procedures. Every quarter show your results and make sure your manager notice them, because your accomplishments will be part of the Quarterly results for your team and will be discussed with every team for planning or for Investors reports. Adding value is a must at WPX and the company has been trying to improve its position in the stock market based on that, but the Industry in general is experiencing a "strange period of time" in which investors look elsewhere rather than pick the real efficient operators, I guess is commodity price driven and public opinion biased. In general you will be on a operations meeting every morning, usually earlier than the 8:00 o'clock entry time. If you run a rig on the geo side, be prepared to show position within the reservoir, what do you expect for the next 1000' and get the drillers and your manager on board each decision. Be brief but always technical with TD,MD, TVD,TSP/TST, ROPs, Angles, faults, landings and KOP points where to rotate and places to build if necessary. If you are mapping; have your Isochromes, Structural and pay/Phi maps updated constantly. Any opportunity even if it is a conventional one could be your ticket to glory as long as it adds value.
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