What should I know before I'm interviewed for a geologist role at WPX Energy?

What should I know before I'm interviewed for a geologist role at WPX Energy?
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Former Geologist at WPX Energy

over 1 year ago
Be prepare to talk in general about your results without naming proprietary information, money saving, record wells for production, drilling days and % in zone. Anything that you did that helped your team to take it to the next level.
Do your Homework, get the facts about WPX, learn as much as you can about their assets (PERMIAN BASIN and WILLISTON BASIN) ask the HR who are you interviewing and find a LinkedIn connection for an indirect recommendation and gather some more intelligence about the position and the team. Be as technical as possible and show professionalism. Understand that the President and not the CEO runs operations. If for any reason you are introduce to Clay, know that he is a nice guy for this type of industry, a real rarity for the times we are living in Oil and Gas. He likes technical skills but also approachable people so do not be cocky. In general managers at WPX were in my time there towards the end people that will listen to recommendations from ex-coworkers, bosses or friends, so an outside source to introduce you might be better than your GPA in grad school. With that comes the in-group and out-group problem of the socialization theory, that is why I am not there anymore. Be honest, approachable technically savvy and show some good experience. Do not get technical with the HR representative and if you don't get what you want in salary bargain politely for more PTO due to your seniority. It is a different company that it was 2 years ago and some things might have change.
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