What are some of the responsibilities of a bunk leader at Ramapo for Children?

What are some of the responsibilities of a bunk leader at Ramapo for Children?
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Former Bunk Leader at Ramapo for Children

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It is a long day and a difficult job! That being said, it's incredibly rewarding and fun. Counselors wake up around 7-7:30 and meet with their team before waking the kids up at 8 am. You'll help your bunk of about 6 campers get ready for the day (brushing teeth, getting dressed). Some campers will need more help than others but many are fairly independent. Go to breakfast, eat as a bunk (you'll help serve the kids) and then back to the bunk for clean up. Make it as fun as possible! Then campers go to "free play" where the majority of campers can be on their own for less structured activities that they choose on their own. You'll be assigned a "post" to keep children within the boundaries or a 1-on-1 to walk around with a camper who needs more assistance. They'll have a few activities as a bunk before and after lunch. You'll be with them for most of these activities so stay engaged and participate with them! You'll get at least one break while they are at an activity with other counselors. At some point during the day you will go to the pool and the lake (the time depends on your age group). You'll be expected to swim and participate and may be assigned a 1-on-1. It's actually a lot of fun and a great opportunity to build relationships. You'll have dinner as a group and then go to one more activity before night time routine. You'll help the kids shower and get ready for bed, run bunk meeting (where you talk about highs, hopes, shoutouts, and the next day's schedule). Put the kids to bed (not as easy as it sounds) and then female counselors will have nights scheduled where they keep an eye on the kids from bedtime until midnight. Male counselors (for male bunks) and female counselors (for female bunks) will have nights scheduled where they are on duty overnight, so they check in at 12 am and are responsible for anything that happens overnight. There is a very good chance you will be sleeping in the bunk with the kids if you are a male counselor. Females working with the girls will also sleep in the camper bunk. Some counselors have an issue with this since they want their own personal space so be prepared for this. Throughout the day you will be dealing with camper escalations and making some decisions for your bunk. You are not exactly "in charge" of the bunk but you will be assigning tasks and giving informal feedback to the general counselors.
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