What's it like being an Engineering Intern at Devon Energy?

What's it like being an Engineering Intern at Devon Energy?
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Former Engineering Intern at Devon Energy

almost 3 years ago
If they put you in the field to start out, go prepared to work hard. It's not a vacation - this is your future. You will spend time with field personnel. Learn how to communicate with them and ask tons of questions. Respect their experience and understand that while they may not have a college degree or understand things from an engineer's perspective, their experience is valid and extremely valuable. You will likely learn all aspects of whatever discipline you're working in so you will tour production/completions/drilling operations and maybe even asked to actively participate in those operations. Be willing to get your hands dirty. Get up early and stay late. You will probably be given a project or two to work on. You don't know everything and they already know that. Lean on the experience around you. Be thorough and do accurate work. So your day to day will involve soaking in as much of the operations as possible but also dedicating time to completing projects. Whether you're in the field or office, understand that you're building relationships first and foremost that could last your entire career. The O&G business functions on these relationships - build strong ones and maintain them well.
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