What is the training like for a Tax Intern at PwC?

What is the training like for a Tax Intern at PwC?
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Former Tax Intern at PwC

about 2 years ago
So for my internship, we spent about three days at the very start of the internship going through a general tax training program, inclusive of all the tax lines of service (CORE, PCS, SALT, etc.). They actually flew us all out to the DC area for the training! This training touched on PwC's values, as well as basic tax information. Then the first day or two once we got back we were trained within our specific lines of service. So a couple of the PCS Tax people showed the other two interns and I the various programs used, introduced us to the PCS Tax team, etc. With all the interns at PwC, they start with the assumption that you don't know anything (which was really helpful because I hadn't even taken a tax class yet). So they are very understanding while you are learning.
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