What might a medical officer do within the Navy?

What might a medical officer do within the Navy?
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Former Medical Officer at Navy

almost 2 years ago
My first year was Internal Medicine Internship, which was just like any other 1st year of residency, except I did my internship year at a Naval Medical Center (now called Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) close to D.C. It was actually the President's hospital. After that year, I was then sent to Camp Pendleton to be with the Marines, I was seeing patients in a clinic dedicated to a Marine Unit, went to field exercises with the unit, and did a lot of other administrative tasks related to being in charge of a clinic. I then transferred to a Navy Branch Clinic, where I did more primary care patient seeing, anyone between the ages of 18-64 - active duty, dependent, or retirees. I also oversaw the Medical Readiness Program for the Greater San Diego area, screening medical records to ensure that our active duty and their family members were healthy enough to transfer to remote duty stations.
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