How can I get a full-time offer if I'm interning as a merchandiser at Disney?

How can I get a full-time offer if I'm interning as a merchandiser at Disney?
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Former Operations at The Walt Disney Company

over 1 year ago
I would absolutely utilize the networking opportunities and internal Disney "job fairs" that the College Program offers students. It helps you meet with the professionals in those areas. Disney Leaders are great at mentoring, so ask your current manager to connect you with someone in the area you wish to be in and set a time to meet with them. Then ask them to introduce you to someone else. I stayed with Disney for 6 years after my College Program and it was all because of actively reaching out to areas and meeting new Leaders that I wanted to work with! Good luck!

Former Merchandiser Intern at Walt Disney World

over 2 years ago
After the Disney College Program internship, several other professional internships open up that are more specialized in different fields within the Walt Disney Company. Your record remains constant throughout your entire career at Disney, so it is important to take the first internship seriously even if it isn't in the field that you are aspiring to. The good news is that the positive is reported as well as the negative, and Disney has a great reward system! If you are passionate about staying full-time in Walt Disney World specifically, I would definitely talk to your leaders. Most of them were in your shoes and are willing to help by sharing their experiences!
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