What's a day in the life of a Warehouse Supervisor like?

What's a day in the life of a Warehouse Supervisor like?
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Warehouse Supervisor at Cameron International, (a Schlumberger Company)

over 1 year ago
Warehouses are very dynamic environments. Cameron is no different. A typical Cameron Warehouse Supervisor will manage all logistics related to incoming and outgoing material (domestic and international), material handling operations (pulling and putaway operations from and to production, and several other functions such as Cycle Counting, customer warranties and returns, etc. Efficiency is material handling is a common objective, and a challenging one at that. Many of our projects involve lots of analysis in our material handling processes. Also, there's a big emphasis on automation and digitalization of our processes so lately we're seeing a lot initiatives to implement more sophisticated storage systems. On the other hand, warehouse teams are some of the most collaborative groups because of the nature of their operations. No one works in a silo and nurturing that culture of collaboration is key for success.
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