What does an attractions attendant do?

What does an attractions attendant do?
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Former Attractions Attendant at Universal Studios Orlando

about 2 years ago
As an Attraction's Attendant, I had a lot of different responsibilities and positions within the building. I was assigned a sort-of cycle consisting of 3 or 4 different positions, called a rotation. These positions include greeting guests as they enter the attraction and making sure everybody is entering the right line, loading and unloading guests onto ride vehicles, and using the operations console to dispatch vehicles. Essentially, all employees in a rotation would go through each position and would get a break at the end of it, it could be lunch or just a short break (~15 mins). Depending on how long the cycle was, we often had as many as 5 breaks in a regular work day! During the peak seasons, it can be pretty stressful depending on which attraction you work at as guests can get angry from having to wait in long lines in the sun.
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