What should I make sure to touch on in an interview for a credit analyst internship?

What should I make sure to touch on in an interview for a credit analyst internship?
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Former Wholesale Credit Summer Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

over 2 years ago
Typically, they are looking for individuals that can fit the Bank's and team's culture who also have strong communications skills and can handle themselves under pressure. Highlight the various extracurricular activities that you're involved in on or off campus and how you go about being successful in balancing your extracurricular activities and school.

Credit Analyst II/Banking Officer at M&T Bank

about 2 years ago
Some of the most important qualities that help me succeed at my job is great time management skills, attention to detail, adaptability, and willingness to learn.
Each month, I will write about 4-7 reviews (each about 20-40 pages long) for different companies in a wide range of industries. It is vital to be willing to learn about the company, do some industry research on what kinds of risks these companies might face that could pose problems for repayment. As a credit analyst, I am given a lot of information and it's important to sift through all of the documentation and check to make sure that the information is correct/adds up and to find out the story behind an fluctuations/trends in the financials.
It would be helpful to prepare an anecdote about a time when you've been able to manage your time wisely to get multiple assignments done well and in a timely fashion. Maybe mention an instance when you deduced meaning or some conclusion from data manipulation in Excel. Don't forget to touch on your curiosity!
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