What's it like to be an Assistant Preschool Teacher?

What's it like to be an Assistant Preschool Teacher?
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Student Assistant at Rutgers University

about 2 years ago
I assisted the preschoolers with anything they needed help in, this would include basic things such as toiletries and eating habits. I would greet their parents and update them on their child's behavior at the end of the day. As the teacher taught the lessons she had planned for the day I would make sure all the children were gathered up and paying close attention to the lesson. I would help the teacher with preparing breakfast, lunch, and snack. Another thing I would do is pay close attention to the children to make sure they were kind to each other.

Former Assistant Preschool Teacher (Adams Elementary) at Riverside Unified School District

almost 3 years ago
I assisted the preschool students with basic needs throughout the day. I would stand and greet the parents as they dropped off their children every morning, and then, I would help the teacher with the morning routine. We would sit on the floor and go over the day of the week and weather. She would teach her lesson for the day, and I would try to help the students remain focused. Throughout the day, I would help children with school needs and assist teacher with classroom prep. I would shadow students during daily routine at the play area, craft area, and reading area. I would also help with bathroom needs and lunch pick up for the students.
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