What does an Operations Research Intern do?!

What does an Operations Research Intern do?!
2018-06-28T18:43:39Z 2

Former Operations Research Intern at BNSF Railway

almost 2 years ago
An Operations Research intern works on projects that aim on improving the performance of an existing operation or build a new optimized solution for that problem.

Masters, Hlth Inform Analytics - MS

about 1 year ago
Determines and uses the appropriate analytical technique(s) and tools to address business problems through their understanding of the business processes and data manipulation, including data mining and data cleansing methods. Analyzes large amounts of data utilizing their knowledge of critical external and internal data sources to evaluate the benefit of a solution to the business and provide business value. Applies agile practices and business acumen to achieve improved business outcomes and to interact with a client (internal or external) effectively.
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