What exactly does a Risk Assurance Intern do at PwC?

What exactly does a Risk Assurance Intern do at PwC?
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Former Risk Assurance at PwC

over 2 years ago
PwC's risk assurance team is actually split into a number of different branches, and each one does slightly different work that falls under the general 'audit' umbrella. The branches are Digital Trust Solutions (Cybersecurity), Governance Risk & Compliance, Internal Audit, and Trust & Transparency. If you are an accounting major who has applied for this role, you'll more than likely be assigned to Internal Audit. In this position, you'll report directly to an associate and be placed on 2-3 different projects throughout your summer. Some tasks are more clerical in nature such as taking notes during phone calls and meetings. However, you will be allowed (depending on your manager/director/etc) to come along to site visits and perhaps even participate in a walkthrough with a client. Walkthroughs involve a client verbally walking a PwC team member through their internal accounting and security processes in order for us to determine any weaknesses in their system. Following a walkthrough, you'll go through a thorough documentation process where the client will send you documents showing the actual mechanics of their internal processes and you will enter it into the PwC specific software that is used to track these things. Additionally, a lot of time will be spent making powerpoint decks. You'll likely have some template to work off of and will then need to customize to your particular client. I personally was placed on a Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) team for the bulk of the summer. While we performed very similar tasks to IA such as walkthroughs, it was a team focused on assessing the shortcomings and potential improvements for a company that needs to comply with some governmental regulation. This could include a new regulation that is introduced which all companies now need to comply or it could apply to a company wishing to go public and needing to comply with new financial regulations. In this role, I sat in on all meetings and took notes. As with IA, I made many powerpoint decks -- both general and client specific. Since the client we were working with was looking to implement a new software in order to help them comply with regulations, I made mockups of what each component of the software would look like to them. PwC will occasionally use an outsourcing team to help complete some work -- in my case, I had interactions with a team in India and was tasked with reviewing work that we received from them and checking it for errors. I'm not completely clear on why I was assigned GRC instead of IA -- sometimes it is purely due to need in the office that you're in. However, if you have a preference, you should definitely make it very clear to your managers and they should be able to help you get some experience in what you want.
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