What would be my role at PwC as an International HR Intern?

What would be my role at PwC as an International HR Intern?
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Former International Human Resources Intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers

about 2 years ago
As an International Human Resources Intern, your main roles are to assist the HR teams, (whether its Campus Recruitment, Lateral, or Global Mobility) and ensure ease and fluidity among their responsibilities. For example, when working with Campus Recruitment, the interns' responsibility was to answer any queries from the national inbox, help prepare and support major networking events, as well act as an ambassador of PwC when meeting with candidates and other clients through meetings. In turn, all of these responsibilities work towards assessing candidates and ensure a quality applicant pool. Regarding working with Global, the interns' responsibilities involved using the national database of PwC employees and ensure that the correct information was included among the workforce. You will most likely by working with large amounts of employee files and other private information.
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