What does a Trading Intern at Akuna Capital actually do?

What does a Trading Intern at Akuna Capital actually do?
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Former Quantitative Trading Intern at Akuna Capital

over 2 years ago
Simply speaking, a quantitative trading intern develops trading strategies. The job consists of using programming languages, mainly python, to analysis market data, visualize data, build trading model and develop trading strategies (a signal to tell the trading system to do some trades.) Akuna Capital does have a systemic training plan for trader interns. Since the quantitative trading internship has a shorter history in their company, they are still figuring out a best training plans for quant trader interns. As for now, the quant trading interns will need to take courses with trader interns in the first two weeks to learn the basic theory in option trading. After that, the quantitative trader intern might be given some projects to work on. The project might be related to the real problems the company faces when they actually trade. The difficulties of the projects differ from one to another and if you can work it out, that might really help solve some problems.
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