What to expect as a paraprofessional at Cooperative Educational Services?

What to expect as a paraprofessional at Cooperative Educational Services?
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Ed Instructor/ Paraprofessional at CES (Cooperative Educational Services)

almost 2 years ago
So the special education teacher and the paraprofessionals will help come up with the schedule at the very begginning of the year, based on the students abilities and age. There are programs for students ages 5-12 ( Preschool learning Center), 13-18 ( Developmental Learning Center) and 18-21 ( Transition Learning Center.. which is the one I work in). In the two older programs the students when they hit 16 will be assigned a job either in house like folding pizza boxes for a local pizza place or working in the kitchen ( Muffins and More) or they will work out in the community at places like Petco or Chilis. They typically work 2 days a week for about 1-2 hours. So as a paraprofessional your hat changes to job coach.
You are there to assist the students when they are having aggressive behaviors as well, you become trained at the job about the right techniques for physical manipulation (PMT).
If the teacher is out there are no substitutes so as an Ed Instructor you take over as teacher.
Also after the kids leave you help the teacher prepare for the next day and basically keep the teacher organized and help them be on top of things, because they have alot of paperwork to do. ( which there is some that you can do for them to help).
Its a very collaborative effort.
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