What motivated you to apply for a job at a consulting firm?

What motivated you to apply for a job at a consulting firm?
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Former Summer Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company

over 2 years ago
I had always been interested in business in high school and college. As I was studying pre-med, I realized I loved the problem solving aspects of my courses and craved for critical thinking-type projects and assignments. As I was helping a friend run through a case interview, I realized consulting might be a good fit since I loved the aspects of what went into problem solving to work through a case. I think if you're interested in the role, try out "cases" and see how you like them. That type of thinking is a large part of the job, and in my experience, how much you enjoy them can be reflective of how you'll like the typical thinking a consultant does.

Former Substitute Teacher at UC Irvine

5 months ago
I currently work with a consulting firm in the marketing department. One of the biggest things that attracted me to consulting was the opportunity to be a problem solver and help others. Working for a solutions oriented firm means that I am around like minded people and benefit from the diversity of thought that my company offers from both employees and clients. Solutions are never black and white and require nimbleness, strategic thinking and team work.
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