How do I prepare for an interview for a Professor position at Central Texas College?

How do I prepare for an interview for a Professor position at Central Texas College?
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Professor at Central Texas College

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The ideas below appear in no particular order.
  1. Mentally prepare to meet with a panel of interviewers rather than a single interviewer.
  2. Create a portfolio that includes your teaching philosophy, a current curriculum vitae, a course syllabus, examples of class lessons and projects, student evaluations, colleague recommendations, and special awards related to teaching.
  3. Prepare a brief lesson to teach the panel. That you know your subject matter should be a given, but that you can effectively convey your knowledge to a group of strangers in a manner that they can understand must be demonstrated.
  4. Know the general makeup of the department. Be able to talk about the programs offered and the students the department serves.
  5. Central Texas College proudly serves over 100 locations. Be able to talk about that and how your part helps benefit the whole.
  6. There are two groups of special interest to the College: veterans and high school adolescents. Understand the issues many veteran students face (trauma- and stressor-related disorders, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, etc.). Likewise understand the sensitive nature of having adolescents on campus and the fundamental difference between Dual Credit and Early College High School offerings.
  7. Consider how you might respond to various scenarios related to classroom management, anger management, cheating, plagiarism, collusion, alternative assessments. Someone is sure to ask.
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