What's it like to work a day in the role of a Client Service Associate at Morgan Stanley?

What's it like to work a day in the role of a Client Service Associate at Morgan Stanley?
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Former Client Service Associate at Morgan Stanley

about 2 years ago
Client relationships and handling office work. Remember numbers and names of clients. It goes a long way. Remember things about their life and touch upon them. Take notes on any little information about them to speak on. If you knew a client was in the hospital ask them how they're feeling or if they received the flowers and card you sent. Remember their children's names or pets names. How old, how many, things about their lives. Remember anything that is personable and show that you are paying attention. If you don't have perfect recall memory, write little notes for yourself. Be their friend. If people don't like you or trust you, they're not going to trust you handling their wealth or do business with you. Learn empathy, compassion, and patience. A lot of clients who are wealthy enough to invest with MS are older. They can be forgetful, repeat themselves, speak slowly, speak in roundabout ways, English might not be their first language, some can be very demanding because they're used to getting things their way. A lot are business owners who made a decent fortune and are decision makers in their every day. They can speak to you disrespectfully or in a condescending tone, but you have to stay courteous and respectful. Some might be upset and angry at something from work or life and take it out on you. You just happen to be collateral damage in their warpath getting to the financial advisor. Some clients might love you and bring you gifts just because they thought of you and you are their friend. There is good and bad in client relationships.
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