What do you like/dislike about being a Business Analyst?

What do you like/dislike about being a Business Analyst?
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Former Speaker at International Business Colloquium

6 months ago
What I like about being a business analyst that gives business person understand their investment risk. My analysis can give people a clear know what they expect and revenue. Business analyst became my hobby, and I hope I can give people my expertise filed knowledge to solve their confusion. Also, that improves the business environment and promotes economic development. In short, I like to help people and analysis their business value and it became my volunteer job.

Former Business Analyst at BlackRock

about 3 years ago
As such, there was nothing i disliked as a Business Analyst during my tenure at Blackrock. What I enjoyed the most, is interacting with various teams like IT, Marketing, the entire sales team and ensuring all the work was implemented as expected without missing any deadlines. Something which i really appreciated the most, was that even at a junior level I was given a certain level of independence to take some decisions.

Alumni, Computer Information Systems

over 1 year ago
I like interacting with clients and users - I like to talk to people. listen to people, and help people, which is a good fit for a BA. The only dislike may be having to say "no" in order to manage expectations and deliver things on time. But at least you can also "defer" when saying no and revisit the request later.
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