What did you like and dislike about being a Lecturer at SUNY Cortland?

What did you like and dislike about being a Lecturer at SUNY Cortland?
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Lecturer at SUNY Cortland

over 2 years ago
I like the students in my department. They are bright, hard-working, eager to learn, humble, respectful, and fun. I taught in another department where that was not really the case, though. I like the annual parking fee of $15: very reasonable and faculty parking is good except near the library. I love the union (UUP). I like the variety of lectures and seminars and performances available all year. I like the library faculty study carrels, even though they are cold.
I dislike the uncertainty about income, health insurance, and job status. I REALLY dislike that the faculty Senate disrespects contingents by refusing to let them serve on committees, even while they are begging for help. I dislike the minimal opportunities for professional development, grants, and awards. I don't like that I do not have an office or a computer to keep student records and meetings confidential, and I don't have an office phone on which people can leave messages so I have to use my personal computer and cell phone. I don't have a reliable printer, and have to ask my admin to print things out, which is a pain if she is out for the day - or it's something miniscule and I wish I didn't have to bother her about it.
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