How would you describe the company culture at SUNY Cortland?

How would you describe the company culture at SUNY Cortland?
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Lecturer at SUNY Cortland

over 2 years ago
I've worked at a lot of colleges, from major research institutions to small liberal arts colleges and community colleges. I've never seen so much school spirit anywhere! The administration is very nice and helpful, and it seems like every staff member is dedicated and focused on student needs. That does not necessarily extend to management discussions, so although the President is a kind and good man, he is generally fairly resistant to raising the wages of part-timers; that is not so much because he doesn't value them, but because he tries to be fiscally prudent. Long story short, a lecturer will not make enough to live on working here, so expect to have to apply for government assistance and unemployment during the summers.
If you are lucky enough to have 2 courses each semester, great. But you never know if you will, so benefits like health care depend on the department in which you work. The vision and dental care are great, but again, you have to have 2 courses.
You will not be allowed to serve on Senate committees regardless of your experience or willingness. The Senate could give a rat's patoot about contingents.
You will acquire sick days that you will rarely get to use, and I don't believe you can ever "cash them in."
You are eligible to take classes on a space available basis thanks to the union (which is great, though limited in powers). I took another master's degree that way and am very grateful.
The college is in a fairly rural area, and if you are single, your options will be very limited. Students describe an undercurrent of racism on and off campus, and there is a part of the campus devoted to promoting abstinence and discouraging homosexuality (Center for the 4th and 5th Rs), so there's that.
I've been here over a decade and have no hope of becoming full-time, despite having a doctorate, two master's degrees, 30 years of teaching experience, publications, leadership and service with national organizations, advising experience, and work on faculty Senates and committees up and down the east coast. Departments differ, but I believe I have no chance at a promotion, and I know that is true for most of the rest of the contingents on campus.
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