What's it like working as a Certified Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness?

What's it like working as a Certified Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness?
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Certified Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness

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Coming in there is no way to predict what will happen, unless you have a pretty set group of clients who come around the same time each day. One day you could be completely booked with clients coming in trying to get an evaluation and orientation of the equipment, and every "Design Your Own" program slot, taking your time and making sure the clients feel like you aren't rushing the process, and make sure you don't short change them. Make sure if you're short on time, ask them to come in later or try to give them a few shorter tips and information about what you want to tell them. Imagine being in their shoes (clients range from: not knowing what a treadmill is or what it does, to those who are asking what they need to change up in their current workout to break plateaus), when you have questions you want them answered, so you can understand and feel more comfortable. That is what I want to help the clients achieve in those four walls, comfort.
Then there are days where all you do is patrol the floor and clean up. Some members may ask for help or inform me of a machine that's either not working well or they have questions about. Then other days can result in a completely empty gym where you can pretty much only do your daily cleaning and maybe even help the other employees with their cleaning.
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