What do nutrition aides do at Lakeview Hospital?

What do nutrition aides do at Lakeview Hospital?
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Former Nutrition Aide at Lakeview Hospital

almost 2 years ago
You start around 4pm and begin by prepping food for the kitchen (for the next day), you go wash dishes, help out other nutrition aides with little tasks, taking calls, working in the front, etc... After this, you prepare for the kitchen line where you set up all the food items for the patients. At the kitchen line, you will look at the meal cards and prepare the meals to be sent up to the patients. After this, you finish any work that needs to be done, washing dishes, preparing more meals, getting ready for dinner in the cafeteria. As dinner-time starts, you work in the cafeteria, serving food, cleaning, doing dishes and working the register. To end the night, you wash dishes, wash down the kitchen tables and do any prepping that is needed for the next day.
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