What would you say are the ups and downs when working for a media company during school? Such as a part-time job.

What would you say are the ups and downs when working for a media company during school? Such as a part-time job.
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Copywriter, Videographer, Photographer - Work Study at Metropolitan State University - Marketing & Communications

almost 2 years ago
Well, I was hoping to have accomplished a lot more than I was allowed to do. The video part of the job was a let down, since I don't think any of the video work I produced was ever broadcast, since the administration could never figure out what they wanted to do with it, or was too concerned with how the appeared. The only thing that was ever published to Youtube was a "Christmas E-Greeting," and that was even quite the hassle to produce. So in the end, most of what I produced probably went in the trash, so to speak, and was essentially a waste of money, on the university's part (though, fortunately for them, they didn't pay a real world wage, so not too much money was squandered). Though, I enjoyed the fact that I was given almost full autonomy to do as I pleased, as no one there was my "video-production-better, or supervisor." (no one else held a film degree beside myself) The only parts of the position, as I knew it, that could actually be categorized as work study, was the copywriting and photography part. The writing part was a bit bland, but you did learn a bit about the process. The same was similar for the photography part. It wasn't very technical or artistic and wouldn't be recommended for anyone who has studied the science/art of photography, but it you can learn a bit about the journalistic part of photography, i.e., capturing live events and photographing interview subjects and the details that accompany those. The overall reach of the position is that it'll help you decide if you want to pursue a career in the academic field, more so where staff are concerned and not so much faculty or teaching. Now, to be fair, I was the first work study in the videographer position and selected the equipment and set the ball rolling as to how video could help the department and school. Where they took it from there, I'm not sure, as I have to live in the real world and have little time to see what they're up to. Hopefully they evolved a bit more from where I left off, but, I will state that most companies, that aren't marketing agencies, that try to incorporate video production into there marketing efforts have no idea how to do it.
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